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about 1 year ago

Pega Community Hackathon - Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Pega Community 2022 Hackathon!  You have 19 days left before your entries are due! Many of you have shared the progress your teams are making with your hackathon projects and we can't wait to see the final submissions! The judges are extremely excited to review your completed entries and see your amazing creations! One team has already submitted their application, which is awesome!! 

As you begin to finalize your entries, now is the time to begin thinking about your short 2–5-minute video describing your solution or application. 

Remember to:

  • Introduce your team.
  • State the problem the solution is trying to solve.
  • Walk the judges through the application in your video (step by step).
  • Show the results.
  • Let the viewer know how your solution will make a difference to a business or to society.
  • Make your video compelling to the judges. Ensure screens are visible while you narrate.

·Other important reminders:

  1. Need Help? Attend Office Hours – Dedicated Office Hours let you ask questions if you run into issues or just need some advice. Sign up at Scroll down and click the Sign-up button to pick a time slot.
  2. Need a quick answer? Ask a question! – Submit questions at Don’t forget to tag your support questions with #PegaHackathon.
  3. Training – Remember Pega Academy! Take a new course or brush up on some of those Pega skills!  

You still have plenty of time to create and enhance your incredible application or solution!  Submissions are due by October 7th, 2022.  We are excited to see what you and your team will build during this year’s hackathon!


Thank you for being part of the Pega Community 2022 Hackathon.


The Pega Community Hackathon Team



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.