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11 months ago

And the winner is...

Dear Hacker,

Thank you for participating in the third annual Pega Community 2022 Hackathon! You helped us to exceed our expectations for both participant count and team submissions! Thank you again for being a valued member of the Pega Community.

The Hackathon was a great opportunity for developers of all skill levels to create solutions to solve today’s business and social needs in Pega’s low-code environment. Solutions were judged based on three objectives: innovation, level of real-world impact and execution, specifically how close the entry is to delivering a production-ready final product.

And now the details that everyone has been eagerly awaiting. It was a difficult choice given the many innovative solutions that were submitted. However, a team of developers from IQZ Systems LLC won Best in Show for Heal & Hale, a Pega solution to improve employee mental health that leverages chatbots, natural language processing, next-best-action, Process AI and the new Constellation UX.

In addition, the other prize category winners are:

·       The Runner Up Award to the team from Blue Rose Technologies for creating Travel Green to calculate, track and manage the carbon footprint of employee travel.

  • The Social Impact Award to the team from Accenture for creating Study Assist, a solution that tracks study progress and provide personalized assistance and guidance for teachers, students, and parents using Pega’s AI-powered decisioning application to help.
  • The Community Choice Award to the team from Citi for creating Delete Pega Application Wizard, a Pega solution that automates the entire application deletion process seamlessly, reducing significant manual effort, saving time, and improving the accuracy.
  • The Best Use of App Studio to the team from Capgemini GmbH for creating The Crib, a Pega solution that provides practical guidance for new parents as they manage the often confusing and overwhelming world of parenting. Provides detailed advice and resources specific to the parents’ situation in multiple channels, leveraging Pega Constellation.
  • The Best Use of Business Workflow Application Award to the team from Aaseya IT Service Pvt Ltd for creating AIMF, a Pega solution that assists government agencies in performing thorough inspections of critical services including Health, Food, Hospitals, Security, Buildings, Roads, Environment, Industries, and Hospitality.
  • The Top Student Award to the team from Chennai Institute of Technology for creating Pre-Cure, a Pega solution that provides suggestions on medicinal treatment and course based on the disease and description of medication, the solution also enables the purchase and delivery of medication.

 Congratulations to everyone who used the Hackathon as an opportunity to develop and hone skills that will increase the success of every future Pega project. Your hard work and innovation were truly inspiring. Everyone who submitted an entry will receive a badge to help you promote your participation.

 We will reach out to all the winners with next steps concerning your prizes.

We hope that you will join us again next year!

Best regards,


The Pega Hackathon Team


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.